Why OLu's flexible learning program is different than others

Due to the pandemic, many families were thrust into remote learning, and the unpopular implementation of synchronous Zoom classrooms left many students facing this new challenge with limited support.  Though well-intentioned, many schools were not prepared for the reality of online learning, and many parents began seeking alternative options for their children. 

With over 20 years of experience providing a world-class online learning experience, OLu is committed to providing a flexible, online learning program designed to meet the highest national standards for quality online courses. 

Through Orange Lutheran Online (OLO), our online instructors are held to the same high expectations as our on-campus instructors. Our flexible programs resemble the academic structure and teaching methods of our on-campus learning but are delivered within a convenient and flexible format. 

Students at OLu can choose between full-time on-campus learning, full-time online learning through OLO, or a combination of the two learning options called Blended learning, where students can opt to combine both in-person and online learning to create an education program that works best for them. 


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Here are four ways OLO’s online learning program differs from what is available at most other schools.

1. More than just an online school

At OLu, students who choose full-time online learning or Blended learning through Orange Lutheran Online (OLO) are not isolated from their peers. With our foundation as a full-time on-campus high school, online learners can be comforted knowing that they can access the same resources as their in-person peers.

In fact, there are numerous other activities that online learners located in the Orange County area can participate in, such as on-campus events, clubs, Mission trips, or any number of curricular options that interest them where they can also interact with their peers. Students can participate in special student-engagement programs like Ignite, Engage, Diffusion, and more. 

OLu’s full-time online students are immersed in an engaging, supportive, and Christ-centered community and receive personalized feedback and guidance from their instructors. 

They are supported by their Academic Advisor and our in-house Tech Support team to ensure that they meet graduation requirements and are prepared for their post-high school goals.

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2. Student support

One of the major criticisms that came from the necessary transition to an online learning environment was that many students were left to their own devices and lacked proper support from their school. 

Comparatively, all of OLu’s Blended learners are granted full access to our on-campus services such as counseling, college planning, student life, extracurricular activities, Missions, and more.

OLu’s on-campus academic advisors and counselors are experienced and knowledgeable about all our flexible learning programs. They are equipped to provide valuable guidance to our flexible learners throughout their time at OLu, especially if and when students are transitioning from in-person to a flexible learning program.

At OLu, our Blended learning and full-time online students have access to designated academic advisors who are available in person from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM and over the phone or via email. 

Tech support is also available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM to help students with any technical issues related to accessing coursework or submitting assignments. 

Students are also observed and graded by accredited teachers who are available to answer any questions or provide additional learning support as needed. Our teachers are experienced online educators and are knowledgeable of the unique learning needs of students in an online learning environment. 

Our teachers are foundational to the success of all our students, regardless of which learning option they choose. Discover the qualities of a teacher at OLu here


3. A history of excellence in online learning 

Since 2004, OLO has provided countless students with a world-class, Christ-centered online education delivered in a manner that suits their individual needs. 

Families can select the learning option best suited for them, knowing that regardless of the learning option they choose, each learning modality delivers the same quality and experience one would expect from OLu — a personalized, engaging, and balanced approach to education rooted in a Christ-centered environment.

Because of the independent nature of online courses, students will learn important life skills, including organization, time management, and self-discipline. Online learners are continuously encouraged to self-advocate and ask for support from their teacher or advisor as needed.

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4. Christian faith

Founded in 1973, OLu is recognized as a comprehensive private Christian co-educational college preparatory high school that delivers education to grades 9-12. OLu’s mission is to help students internalize the gospel message of salvation in Christ Jesus.

The OLu experience is a personalized and balanced approach to education designed to engage students through a process of inquiry, exploration, and discovery through diverse opportunities in a caring Christ-centered environment. 

The goal is the development of healthy, strong, and caring students who understand that their identity is in Christ alone and who are strengthened and prepared for a Christian life of purpose, service, and leadership in a global society.

Our flexible learning options at OLu mean that students can access an education that suits their practical needs, such as logistical and academic, as well as their spiritual and emotional needs. 

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