Why Choose Orange Lutheran: Empowering Students Through Faith and Flexibility

Choosing the right high school for your child is a crucial decision that can significantly impact their academic and personal growth. To help parents with the important decision of choosing the right high school, we explore the benefits of selecting a great high school like Orange Lutheran High School (OLu) through a conversation with Leslie B., a parent whose son attended OLu. 

With a faith-based foundation, OLu offers more than just an excellent education; it offers a community grounded in Christ's teachings, flexible learning options, and individualized attention to ensure all students achieve their personal best. Imagine your child not only excelling academically but also discovering the beauty of faith and finding their place in a supportive and like-minded environment, all while having the freedom to pursue their passions outside of the classroom - that is the OLu difference. 

From the flexibility of its schedule to its nurturing environment, OLu offers a unique educational experience that sets it apart from other options. Let's dive into Leslie's insights and discover why parents should consider OLu for their child's high school journey.

Flexibility and Hybrid Learning

One of the key reasons Leslie chose OLu for her son was the school's flexibility. OLu's innovative Blended Learning program allows students to blend in-person and online classes, catering to their individual needs and circumstances. Leslie's son, who was involved in sports and had a rigorous training schedule, found this flexibility invaluable. It allowed him to attend some classes in person while completing others online, all while being a part of OLu's water polo team. This unique approach provided him with the academic support he needed without compromising his passion for sports.

“We looked at a lot of private schools in the area, but nothing really seemed to have the fit of flexibility, the ability to play water polo and participate in extracurricular activities, and the warm, nurturing environment. That's really what sold us on OLu: they were very willing to work with our child,” Leslie says.

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OLu’s Blended Learning Options

Academic Excellence and Individualized Attention

While flexibility was a significant factor in choosing the right high school for their son, Leslie also emphasized the importance of a strong academic foundation. Coming from a top high school in Texas, they were seeking a school that could maintain the academic standards their son was accustomed to.

OLu met their expectations by providing a nurturing environment and personalized attention to each student. Although there may have been some differences compared to his previous school, OLu's warm and supportive atmosphere, coupled with its customized curriculum, allowed him to excel academically. The trade-off was well worth it for Leslie and her son.

“OLu really cares about your child. They really want to structure something that works for them so they can achieve their own personal goals. It's not cookie cutter.” 

Supporting Goals Beyond the Classroom

OLu went above and beyond in supporting Leslie's son's goals outside of school. The school's willingness to be flexible and accommodate his learning needs demonstrated their commitment to each student's success. This support played a vital role in his journey to Pepperdine University, where he will pursue his passion for water polo at the Division 1 level. OLu's dedication to helping students achieve their dreams extends far beyond the classroom, providing them with a solid foundation for future endeavors.

“That's really what high school should be about, right? Following your dreams and your passion. He got very good grades at OLu, so it wasn't like he was not focused on school. He was very focused on school, but was able to follow his dream as well,” Leslie shared.

The Unexpected Benefits

While Leslie and her family initially chose OLu for its flexibility and academic strength, she discovered unexpected benefits along the way. OLu's faith-based foundation provided a grounding element for her son and helped him foster conversations about religion and faith. It also prepared him for his future at Pepperdine, a religious college. The shared culture and alignment with OLu's values created a supportive and inclusive environment that enriched his high school experience.

“He really liked OLu’s faith-based roots, and it kind of gave him a grounding that he didn't have before. He can talk about religion and faith with others now in a way that he couldn't. And I think it made for a very nice environment since everybody was aligned with the culture.”

OLu’s Blended Learning Options

Why Choose OLu?

Reflecting on her experience, Leslie wholeheartedly recommends OLu to parents and colleagues who are exploring high school options for their children. In fact, she admits to having recommended OLu to at least 10 of her friends, many of whom are now members of the Lancer community. OLu's ability to nurture each student's unique potential and provide unwavering support sets it apart as an exceptional choice for high school education — reasons why parents should consider OLu for their child's high school journey.

Choosing the Right High School

Choosing a high school is a significant decision that shapes a student's future. Orange Lutheran High School stands out as an exemplary choice, offering flexibility, academic excellence, individualized attention, and comprehensive support for students' personal and extracurricular goals.  OLu's commitment to empowering students and providing a nurturing environment ensures that they can thrive academically and personally, setting them on a path to success in college and beyond.

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