Orange Lutheran Welcomes STUNT To Athletic Programs

Orange Lutheran’s newest sport on campus puts the spotlight on cheerleaders in a new way – not only as supporters, but as athletes. 


Competitive Sport Cheer (CSC), or STUNT as it is referred to by those who compete, is one of the fastest growing female sports in the country. The spring sport removes the crowd-leading aspect of traditional cheerleading and puts the focus on the athletic and technical components of the sport.


Much like a dual meet, each game is a head-to-head matchup against another school. The games are structured with four quarters. Each quarter, the schools perform four standard routines, simultaneously, side-by-side, exactly as pre-choreographed. A panel of judges evaluates the schools’ skill and execution of the routines and awards points. One point is awarded to the winner of each stunt, and the highest four-quarter point total wins the match.


The focus of the routines varies for each quarter. Quarter 1, the athletes perform partner stunts. In Quarter 2, they transition to pyramids and basket tosses. After halftime, Quarter 3 focuses on jumps and tumbling. And Quarter 4 is a team routine that includes elements from the previous three quarters. With dance and cheer removed, athleticism takes center stage.


“It’s all about execution, technique and who performs it better,” says OLu Head Cheer Coach, Shannon May.


There is a definite strategy to the sport, as teams in possession, based on a pre-game coin flip, get to call which routine is performed. Understanding the strength of a team’s athletes often determines which routines are called. A team with stronger jumpers and tumblers may have a different strategy for calling routines than a team with stronger partner stunts.


“It’s going to be exciting because between our own players, we’re going to be able to choose the best options for each game,” says Coach May.


Adopted by CIF back in 2018, Coach May is excited to bring this fast-paced sport to OLu’s campus. STUNT, which meets full Title IX requirements, is growing at the collegiate level and has an increasing number of scholarship opportunities available. The interest has been high from both families and the athletes, with thirty Lancer cheerleaders on the varsity roster in this inaugural year.


“When it comes to being able to show their hard work throughout the year, and their skill, it’s the best way to show that,” says Coach May.


Since STUNT has yet to be added to other Trinity League schools, the Lancers will compete this year as a member of the Golden West League alongside Segerstrom, Godinez, Westminster and San Clemente high schools. The season kicks off March 1, and the Lancers are in high gear preparing for their games.


“With the athletes that we have, many of them are so passionate already,” says Coach May. “They’re already getting the work in to memorize those routines early and do what they need to do.”


Coach May is confident that although this is OLu’s first year competing in the sport, the Lancers will make a strong showing. Coach May will be joined by former cheerleader and OLu alumnus Lilly Clark ’21 who will be assisting the program in its first year. 


“Our goal is to help everyone understand the sport, what’s needed to do well, and just be excited to play,” says Coach May.


The Lancers STUNT team will compete in a tournament on March 12 and begin league play on March 29. Don’t miss their only home appearance when they host San Clemente and Westminster in back-to-back games on April 21. 


“I’m looking forward to educating the community and giving them a glimpse of what the girls do,” says Coach May. “It’s going to be exciting for me to see that validation for the athletes. I’m excited for the inaugural year to be able to share the sport that I’ve grown to love.”


Follow the STUNT team all season on Instagram at @olustunt

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