Meet a Lancer: Christina Abdishoo '22

Christina Abdishoo, Class of 2022, blends science with music as a member of STEM Academy and a two-instrument musician.

Christina came to OLu from Hephatha Lutheran, where she began her musical career playing in their music program. Her first exposure to the Performing Arts at OLu came in 2016, when OLu's "Belle" from its production of Beauty and the Beast came to visit her school.

Christina Abdishoo

Christina serves as president of the Instrumental Leadership Team as well as an Ignite Mentor and holds a 4.73 GPA.  In addition to her work on the stage and in the classroom, she is a member of the STEM Academy (note: Academies will be known as Deeper Learning Pathways beginning in Fall 2022). She will be pursuing pre-med at UCLA after she graduates.


Favorite moment on the Nechita stage:

Conducting the "St. Paul's Suite" at the Instrumental Student Showcase as a freshman in 2019.


When you're not performing, what are you doing?

Doing homework and watching reality TV.


Finish this sentence - Ten years from now, I want to be...

....a doctor for the homeless community, like both of my parents!


What teacher made the most impact on you and why?

Mr. Zelinger, as he is such a great person to look up to and cares so much about all of his students. He's all about the focus being on learning, growing, and the "I AM" mantra!


What inspires you?

My grandparents who were refugees from Iran. They helped shape the person I am.


What's something people would be surprised to know about you?

That I got pulled over the very first day after getting my driver's license.


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