How Blended Learning Prepares Students for a Division 1 University

Many students come to OLu looking for a Christ-centered curriculum that will help them reach their academic goals of attending a Division 1 college or university, while also balancing their athletic ambitions. Student-athletes often have busy schedules, and it can be difficult to attend on-campus classes full time when they also have practices, meets, and games to attend.

At OLu, we understand the frustration felt by these students and their families. That’s why we developed an extensive and flexible online learning program with multiple options so students can find the right fit for their lifestyle and help them get into a Division 1 college or university. 

Our Blended learning program prepares students for college due to its accredited academic rigor and a flexible learning environment that helps students prepare for post-secondary life.


Flexible Learning Options


One of the drivers for us to develop a comprehensive online learning program was to provide flexible learning options for students that require extra accommodations to earn their high school diploma. This is particularly important for student-athletes, whose schedules often differ from that of their peers.

Our flexible learning options at OLu provide students with the ultimate freedom to incorporate as much online learning as they need to maintain their desired lifestyle. 



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Between OLu’s full-time online learning options through Orange Lutheran Online (OLO) as well as an additional three Blended Learning options, each providing a balance of online and in-person learning, OLu has multiple avenues for you and your child to choose from when seeking a quality online education that will help them attend a Division 1 school.

Discover how OLu helps our students have a successful Blended Learning high school education. 


NCAA and UC Accreditations

All of our core classes delivered via OLO are accredited by both the NCAA and UC system; this means that all courses have been rigorously examined to ensure they meet these high standards. These accreditations are considered the “gold standard” in the industry as they are the top-level schools in the US and have the toughest academic standards.

By choosing a school that offers courses that have already been accredited by these prestigious organizations, you are proactively ensuring that there are no roadblocks in your child’s academic career. 


“I know sometimes parents are concerned that it's an online class and that the college isn't going to accept it. The college will accept it because it is NCAA and UC approved, but it's not going to show that it's an online class either. It's just a class that they took at this school,” said Amy Leon, OLO Academic Advisor. 

When students take part in other online learning programs that are not accredited by the same institutions, these students can encounter a situation where their high school transcripts are not accepted by their university of choice. This would result in them not receiving an acceptance as their high school transcript would be considered incomplete. 

By choosing OLu and our rigorous online learning program, you are providing your child with an education that is wide open to any opportunity they seek out. 

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Download the Ultimate Guide to Flexible Learning.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Flexible Learning in High School and discover if Blended Learning is right for your child. 

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