High School Dances: Need To Know Tips For Parents

OLu High School Dance

High School Dances can raise many questions for parents. We’ve compiled a list of important Need To Know Tips for parents when it comes to high school dances!


Depending on the school dance (Homecoming, Prom, etc.), prices can add up very quickly. There’s the dress, tux, tickets, corsage and boutonniere, transportation, food, etc. to name just a few! Fortunately, when beginning with a reasonably set budget (of course with some wiggle room here and there!), the stress of breaking the bank begins to disappear. It may also benefit to have a conversation with your teen prior to the beginning planning stages to avoid any backlash! Having the conversation in advance lets your teen know what to expect and allows them to plan accordingly.


Again, starting the conversation early on about your expectations and rules will help to soften the blow, and hopefully establish mutual trust and understanding.


As a parent it is your right to set some ground rules for your child. It’s perfectly fine to be willing to stretch rules like curfew to accommodate the hours of a high school dance, but don’t feel pressured to abandon any rules completely.

Checking In

Safe to say, your teen does not want to be bombarded by texts from mom or dad while trying to have fun at a school dance, BUT it is vital to have communication open during the night. It’s a good idea to require them to answer check-in texts in a timely manner throughout the night. Have a conversation beforehand with your teen about details on where they plan to be throughout the night and to communicate with you if any plans change.

Exposure To Drinking & After Parties

Unfortunately, the night of high school dances have the reputation for exposing teens to underage drinking. Although this is not always the case, it is important for parents to be prepared and have conversations with their child. Being realistic about the fact that there may be moments during the evening, after the dance, where alcohol or other substances are present, can be helpful for parents. It also opens the door for conversations about alcohol, other substances, and parties. While parents should stress their wish for their teen to not partake in these situations, honest conversations can be highly productive.

The Importance Of School Dances

School Dances continue to evolve but have unfortunately experienced a significant overall dip in engagement. What we need to remember, are the overwhelming benefits dances have on the school and students overall.

  • For student activities, high school dances are an incredible opportunity for fundraising.
  • High school dances provide a supervised, safe space for students. (Parent and staff chaperones are a great asset in helping to facilitate and create a safe space!)
  • Dances help to create a greater sense of community on campus and boost morale!

High School Dances can create memories that will last long after high school, and really serve as a rite of passage for teens. Although the night is centered around the students, just remember that parents still have important roles to play in this exciting occasion!

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