FAQs about online learning

Blended learning provides students with a hybrid system of learning where they can choose both online learning, supported by the use of technology, and on-campus learning at the same time. Blended learners have the flexibility and ability to learn at their own pace by personalizing a learning schedule that works best for them. 

At Orange Lutheran (OLu), Blended learners pair on-campus courses with online courses through Orange Lutheran Online (OLO). This complimentary system allows students to engage in a Christ-centric and on-campus high school experience with access to on-campus support and the fluidity and flexibility offered by online learning.

For you to have the knowledge you need to understand if Blended learning is right for your child, we’ve assembled a list of online learning FAQs and their answers to clarify OLu’s Blended and online learning options.


What are online learning classes like at OLu, and how long does it take to complete them?

A student can earn OLu’s High School diploma from anywhere in the country or the world. Online learning through OLO is asynchronous, meaning your child will not be attending scheduled lectures and instead have to complete coursework on their terms. They have the option to earn all their high school credits through OLO’s Full-Time Online (FTO) learning option or Blended Learning option. 

At OLu, asynchronous learning doesn’t mean students will be left alone. Even if our Blended learners aren’t on campus, they are still immersed in an engaging, supportive, and Christ-centered community and receive personalized feedback and guidance from their instructors weekly or biweekly. 

Online and Blended learners are also supported by their academic advisor and OLu’s in-house tech support team to ensure that they are meeting graduation requirements and prepared for their post-secondary goals.

Full-time online  learning options work well for students outside of a 75-mile radius from OLu’s campus. Full-time online learners have the option of taking either accelerated 8 week courses, traditional 16 week courses, or a mix of both.

Blended learners may take 1, 2, 3, or 4 courses on campus in Orange, California and the remaining courses can be taken online. All OLO core courses are UC and NCAA approved.

OLO’s online learners complete yearlong courses in 16 weeks. OLu runs two terms during the academic school year (fall and spring) and one summer term. A typical student completes three courses in the fall term and three courses in the spring. 

OLu offers students the chance to discover and hone their unique strengths, interests, and passions. Learn more about what it’s like to be a student at OLu here.


What are the different types of Blended learning options at OLu?

At OLu, students can choose from the following three Blending learning options:

Blended 1

Students take up to one class on campus and the rest online.  

Blended 2

Students take up to two classes on campus, and the rest online.   

Blended 4

Students can take up to four classes on-campus and take the remaining classes online.

You can learn more about the different learning options available at OLu here.


Are Blended learning classes like online Zoom classes/face-to-face classes?

Many families come to OLu seeking an alternative to synchronous online learning popularized during the Covid-19 pandemic. The unpopular implementation of this learning option left many parents and students in the dark, navigating an online learning environment that didn’t suit their needs. 

Alternatively, Blended learning at OLu utilizes asynchronous learning, where the student and teacher partake in learning activities at different times. 

Asynchronous learning is a learning method where students learn and complete lessons and assignments independently and within a certain timeframe. Students have access to their lectures, homework, and other learning materials at any time during a given period specified by the subject or instructor.

In short, remote learning and Blended learning are not the same; Blended learning includes a combination of online and on-campus learning which gives students more flexibility in their schedules.


How are Blended learning classes scheduled?

This would depend on the number of classes the Blended learner chooses to take on-campus and online. 

Students could visit OLu’s campus for anywhere between one to three 75 minutes classes per day. However, the timings of these on-campus schedule blocks will remain the same. 

At OLu, we utilize an alternating block schedule design that consists of four 75-minute periods per day. Our schedules are organized in this way so that our students have the opportunity to gain deeper insights into their course material.

As a result of OLu’s alternating block schedule design, OLu’s Blended learners have school days following a block schedule that alternate as either a Red Day or a White Day.

Do you still have questions about Blended learning schedules? Learn more about OLu’s Blended Learning schedule options here.


How are online learners supported?

Online learners at OLu have access to similar resources as their on-campus peers. They can utilize a variety of programs that are designed to support the unique needs of online learners. 

Academic advisors and counselors knowledgeable about online learning are available to provide valuable guidance to online learners.

At OLu, students have access to designated academic advisors who are available in-person from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, as well as over the phone or via email. Students also have access to tech support from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM to help with technical issues, for example, that may be preventing them from accessing coursework or submitting assignments.

As online students complete their work asynchronously, they are monitored and graded by accredited teachers and are able to ask questions and receive additional learning support.

OLu’s classes were designed by accredited teachers and a curriculum team so that students that decide to complete all four years of high school online can earn the OLu high school diploma and still be just as eligible for college as their on-campus peers.


What are the tuition rates for Online/Blended learning classes?

You can find a breakdown of the tuition fees for each of OLu’s learning options, as well as financial aid options, here. Parents must also keep in mind that all courses must be paid in full before the first day of class, or the student will not be permitted to attend their classes.

OLu’s Financial Aid Committee is committed to providing a comprehensive need-based program of financial aid along with a limited number of scholarships. 

Through need-based financial aid, over $3.5 million is awarded in tuition assistance each year to ensure that the OLu Experience is accessible to everyone. 

Financial aid is not available for our full-time online product.


Are the online classes accredited and approved by universities?

OLO provides your child with a world-class education that is Christ-centered and is approved by reputable international organizations. 

All of OLu’s online core classes are accredited through reputable institutions like the University of California and Cal State as well as being NCAA-approved and WASC-accredited. This means that all the students at OLu, including online and Blended learners, will be college-ready with our curriculum.

The transcript of a full-time on-campus student and a full-time online student will not carry any difference in the eyes of admissions officers. All students that receive a diploma from OLu will receive the same benefits, as the only difference is the method in which the content is delivered. 

Check out OLu’s interactive Blended Learning Yearbook.

Blended learning can be an engaging learning option for students who need extra accommodations in their school schedule or for those students seeking an alternative learning environment that promotes self-discipline, independence, and other valued traits.  


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