Alumni Story: TERRENCE BROWN ’09


With a welcoming Husky Nation reception, Terrence Brown returns back to his coaching roots at the University of Washington as the Assistant Coach, leading UW’s defensive backs. His reputation in Seattle precedes him, with a history of leading a solid defensive line to playoff and bowl appearances from 2015-2017 before leaving UW to coach under Derek Mason at Vanderbilt University.

OLU Brown

Most notably, during his time at Vanderbilt, Brown helped develop Joejuan Williams. Williams, who earned 2018 All-SEC recognition from coaches and the Associated Press, and was selected by the New England Patriots in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft as the 45th overall pick. Brown originally landed his first assistant coaching staff position at UW as a graduate student in 2015. Prior to grad school, Brown’s pivotal role as a cornerback at Stanford resulted in starting all 14 games his senior year, finishing fifth on the team with 65 total tackles as the Cardinals (12-2) won the Pac-12 championship and defeated Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl in 2012. 

Before Terrence’s football presence on a national level, he found his foundation at Orange Lutheran. “I owe a lot of my success to OLu,” says Brown when he thinks about the path that lead him to a career in football. “Being surrounded by people that shared the same beliefs and faith as me really impacted who I am today.” He goes on to say that the family atmosphere helped prepare him for all of the experiences he had at the college level as a player. Feeling accepted and supported by the Lancer community “just felt right” and gave Brown the cornerstone that helped keep him stay focused on what would ultimately be his goal of giving back. “I got into coaching to help young men achieve their dreams at a national football level, by teaching them life skills and traits that will help them beyond their athletic careers.”

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