Alumni Story: MATT BARNES ’97


Rogue, first and foremost, is Matt Barnes ‘97’s french bulldog. Rogue the dog and his name are the inspiration for the brand and businesses that Barnes founded almost four years ago, Rogue Creative Development and Rogue Aviation. 

The long road that brought Matt to Rouge Creative Development and Rouge Aviation first took him back to his alma mater in 2001 after earning his Bachelor’s Degree. As many will remember, as a student, Barnes was very active on campus including his involvement in student leadership positions and countless plays and musicals. Not surprisingly, Barnes returned as both a teacher and Director of Student Leadership until 2003.

OLU BarnesOLU Barnes2

The experience both as an active student in leadership while attending OLu, paired with his experience working in the student leadership position really prompted him to pursue a Masters in Leadership which ultimately exposed him to the power of storytelling. In 2016 Matt opened up Rogue Creative Development, which is a full-service marketing company that focuses on storytelling. They help clients understand who they are, what they want to communicate to their audience while using multiple media platforms to tell that story. Rouge Creative’s  Branding and Design services, websites, social media, cinematography, and photography are the tools the company uses helps tell the story of their clients through. 

Matt decided to learn how to fly helicopters following a curiosity of how helicopters “work.” Fascinated by the way the aircraft can hold a position for periods of time, he started lessons. He became friends with his instructor, and together they decided to start Rogue Aviation shortly after opening the doors to Rouge Creative, providing flight school, aerial cinematography, and helicopter tours across Southern California.

When Matt isn’t running his two businesses, he and wife Stacy are busy with their four children (two sets of twins) McCoy and Violet (2 years old), and Poppy and Wells (1-year-old). Fun fact: You can catch Wells on the hit show, This is Us as baby Jack. Poppy sometimes subs in for her brother too!

Fun fact: For all of you NBC’s The Bachelor fans out there, Barnes’ and his friends host a very lively and fun podcast called Bros Before the Rose. Look for it wherever you listen to your podcasts! | |

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