Alumni Story: KAYLA HOFF ’11


Not many people can say that they are literally living their dream, especially in LA and in the film industry, but Kayla Hoff is doing just that. As a freelance Director of Cinematography, the work ebbs and flows, but with a talent that speaks for itself, Hoff is able to balance her workflow and the types of projects and jobs that she accepts. A typical day for Hoff includes a lot of pre-production meetings, location scouting, and wrangling crews. All of which she does with the same tenacity she uses as a female artist navigating through a male-dominated industry.

OLU Hoff

“I had no idea how male-dominated it was,” Hoff says, after walking into her first film class at Chapman University, “I was only 1 of 3 women in the class.”

She says constant prayer helped reinforce her passion and drive her to continue both her degree and career in film production, with an emphasis on Cinematography. Prayer is also what helped Kayla during her time at Orange Lutheran, and the immediate years following. She navigated through high school thinking that she would end up at an Ivy League school, but after a lot of prayer and support from the staff at OLu, she took a year after graduation to figure out what the right next move was for her instead of jumping to a college or university, not knowing what direction she wanted to go. Hoff learned, “It’s okay not to know!”

She navigated school thinking she was going to be a lawyer, but life during high school was difficult for her. Kayla is thankful for the support and grace she was given by all of the staff and teachers at OLu, including her special connection with her counselor, Lisa Ehret. She couldn’t imagine getting through some of the most challenging years of her life without some just telling her to stop, and just pray. 

Her advice for anyone looking to navigate a career path that is the road less traveled?

“Pray. Always pray about what you want to do! If you can do something just as good, if not better – there’s no reason not to.” 

In her free time, Kayla does a lot of reading and watching movies for inspiration. She still hangs out with fellow 2011 alums Amanda Fuery, Courtney Morrison, Tess Buckley, Leah Miller, Drew Hatch, Skylee Parker and so many more! 

Visit to see a sample of Kayla’s work.

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