Alumni Story: Adam Schulte ’99


Dr. Adam Schulte firmly believes that “God is going to put you where He needs you and will let you know where to move from there.” While driving on a stretch of freeway day one day, Adam heard God’s voice like it was one big chorus hitting the same harmony. 

OLU Schulte

At the time he was working through medical school to be an orthopedic surgeon. Thanks to that moment, Dr. Schulte surprised himself and answered the call to shift his schooling towards family medicine.  With a passion for Crossfit, paired with his knowledge as a physician, Dr. Schulte opened The Drop-In Doc inside of Resolution Crossfit in Yorba Linda, CA.

His practice is the world’s first, full-service physician’s office housed within a gym. The practice follows a Direct Primary Care model which allows patients to pay a low monthly membership and have access to Dr. Schulte 24/7.  The Drop-In Doc has been six years in the making. His efforts to provide actual healthcare, not sickness-care, through dietary and exercise interventions can be attributed to the hard work he learned as an athlete at Orange Lutheran. “I didn’t know how hard I could work till I met Coach Jim Kunau,” says Dr. Schulte, who was the Senior Varsity Football Captain in 1999. “The work ethic in the football program under Coach Kunau paralleled the work I did in both my medical training and fitness interests.” Above all, Dr. Schulte sees himself as a medical advocate within the fitness community. He aims to get patients off of medications, institutes a good nutritional lifestyle and a proper fitness routine.  

Dr. Schulte is board certified in Family Medicine, fellowship-trained in Sports Medicine, board eligible in Aesthetic Medicine, and has received additional training in Regenerative Medicine.

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