A day in the life of a Blended learning student, from a current student’s perspective.

Online learning has become somewhat of a norm in today’s global landscape. But finding a school that offers a flexible educational environment, while also accessing everything the traditional high school experience has to offer can be difficult. 

At Orange Lutheran (OLu), a premier private Christian high school, the Blended Learning program combines learning online and in-person, giving students autonomy over their schedules while also ensuring they don’t have to sacrifice a true high school experience. 

Students in this program take a combination of online and in-person classes all designed to ensure participants meet the highest national standards for quality education. 

The program is divided into three possible pathways:

  1. Blended 4 students take three to four on-campus classes and the remainder of their classes online.

  2. Blended 2 students can take two on-campus classes and the remainder of their classes online.

  3. Blended 1 students can take up to one on-campus class and the remainder of their classes online.

To show you exactly what this learning environment looks like and how it benefits students, we spoke with Lily Doan, OLu Class of 2023. 

“I love being in the Blended program because it gives me so much flexibility, and it allows me to work from home or go on more trips with my family or friends, and allows me to have a more catered lifestyle to the things and hobbies I enjoy,” said Doan.


The daily routine of an OLu blended learning student  

Olu’s Blended learning program is all about determining a learning schedule that fits your children’s lifestyle on an individual basis. Giving students and their parents the opportunity to build their learning model allows for a creative, personalized, and flexible schedule that can accommodate activities that take up your child’s time outside of school. 

For Doan, this means getting to pursue her sport of choice in the morning and studying in the afternoon. 

She begins her day at dawn – around 5:30 am – heading to the beach for sunrise. As a member of OLu’s surf team, Doan spends her mornings on the water catching waves while her peers are in Period 1. 

“On my Blended days I surf in the mornings,” says Doan. “I spend my day at the beach, surfing or in the water. And then I can come home and do my online work at my leisure.”

After surf, she heads home around 8:30 am and goes out for breakfast with friends or her dad. 

“If I don't do that, I get some time to eat breakfast and finish my Blended work for the day. And then, I can have some time with the Lord and get to read my Bible, which is really important to me,” Doan says. 

As a Missions program leader at OLu, she also takes time throughout her Blended days to help prepare for Bible studies in the evening. 

Compared to her friends who aren’t in Blended learning and therefore take all of their coursework in person, she gets to plan out her day as she wishes, enjoying the sun and surf, while still balancing her academic work.

“It's a pretty great feeling,” says Doan. “It’s such a blessing to be able to go to a school that offers such flexibility with the online program and it's allowed me to make so many amazing memories outside of traditional school.”

“I feel like school is really so much more than a building that you go to from 8 am to 3 pm; there's so much to learn even outside of school.”

And when it comes to prepping for the days when Doan returns to in-person learning, she organizes her free periods to ensure she’s re-energized and excited. 

“It's really nice to be able to be filled up at home or in creation, doing things that I love, and then be able to enjoy school because when you only go for a few days a week, it makes it such an exciting thing to do,” says Doan. 

With a hybrid approach to learning, it can be easy to jump to the conclusion that students have to sacrifice the traditional high school experience. 

Not the case at OLu! 

While online learning means sacrificing that in-person experience to an extent, OLu’s Blended learning program allows students to fully participate in any school activities – from mission trips to musicals; from dances to team sports. 

“I get to see people at surf every day, both at school and then the next day on my on campus day,” says Doan. “I can still see friends every day.”


Benefits of the Blended learning program

As evident with Doan’s story, the Blended learning program gives our students autonomy over their schedules, but the benefits of this approach to learning reach far beyond this. 

“The program has taught me responsibility and how to be diligent outside of school,” says Doan. 

Rather than relying on a teacher’s guidance throughout the day, this program makes it so students have to work ahead and plan out what they’d like to accomplish in their free periods. 

“It challenges me in the area of time management of how to best manage my time to get my online classes done quickly,” she says. “[This] is such a valuable skill, and being able to learn how to do online work, especially in this day and age, is so valuable.”

In addition to using this flexible schedule to hone fundamental skillsets, Doan has also used any extra time to take some university classes.

“Instead of doing some of the regular online classes, I've talked to my Blended counselors and have been able to do some dual credit classes at the university level already,” says Doan.

A dedicated team of Blended counselors is readily available to help students in this learning modality, in addition to a dedicated team of college counselors who ensure OLu students have everything they need in their path to post-secondary education. 

“I might graduate [from high school] with my freshman year of college done,” Doan says with a smile. 

For those still debating whether or not the Blended learning program is for them, Doan has a piece of advice. 

“I would just say to anyone out there that is interested in potentially becoming a Blended learning student, to do it because it will be a really good decision,” she says. “Even though sometimes it might be strange for people to not be at school every day, the freedom and flexibility that it gives have helped me live my best school life ever and have made me love school a ton.”

Our Blended learning option provides our students with freedom and flexibility.

Discover how OLu’s flexible learning options can work for your children and download the Blended Learning Yearbook here. 


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