7 Reasons OLu is a Top Private High School.

At Orange Lutheran High School (OLu), we believe that our role as a top Christian private school is to help our students discover their God-given talents, and to develop and nurture those talents to help them achieve their future plans, whatever those plans may be.

Our faculty and administration walk alongside your family in a healthy parent-school partnership and build relationships that, in turn, help students discover their abilities and find the right future pathway that works for them.

As Martin Luther once said, “By helping the youth we shall be helping ourselves and all men.” 

At OLu, we embody this message in all aspects of our academic offering. We offer students more than just an average high school experience and strive to deliver excellence in all areas, be they day-to-day lessons at our beautiful campus, engaging and exciting activities and co-curricular opportunities, or an online learning environment that delivers on its academic promise. 

But what makes OLu a top private high school? Below, we’ve outlined 7 reasons why OLu is a top private Christian high school and why OLu could be the right fit for your child.

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1. University matriculation to top schools worldwide

Many students come to OLu looking for a Christ-centered curriculum that will support them in reaching their academic goals. Some students have personal goals of attending a Division 1 college or university, while also balancing their athletic or other ambitions outside of school. 

Even with busy personal schedules, students across all of the learning options available at OLu have proven their academic merit, having earned acceptances to prestigous universities around the world.

Here’s a sample of some of the universities our graduates have attended:

[UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, MIT, Dartmouth, Columbia, Harvard, Yale]

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2. Accreditations

At OLu, we understand the relevance of accreditations and how important they are in supporting our students. Many student-athletes at OLu have additional academic requirements in order to meet acceptance requirements to specific schools.

As an accredited institution, OLu is honoured by this designation and is appreciative that our tireless efforts to provide a world-class education do not go unnoticed. 

Here’s a list of some of OLu’s accreditations and affiliations:


Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

In 2019, OLu received the six-year accreditation status, the highest level of accreditation possible, from the Accrediting Commission for Schools of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC) following an 18-month self-study period and a multi-day campus visit by ACS WASC representatives.

This is the second consecutive time that OLu has received the rating, affirming its success in providing a high-quality, Christian education to our student body.

“The school accreditation and self-study process have truly been a labour of love engaged by our community,” says Mr. Todd Eklund, Principal. “It has affirmed our purpose, allowed us to celebrate the work that God is doing in our community, and it has helped to confirm and solidify that our future plans will continue to enrich and benefit the needs of our students well into the future!”


Trinity League

As part of the nationally-recognized Trinity League, OLu’s student-athletes compete at the highest levels of high school sports in the country. With a focus on faith and character development, OLu Athletics seeks to pursue victory while bringing honour and glory to God.


National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and University of California (UC)

All of OLu’s core classes are approved by both the NCAA and UC systems. This means that these courses have been rigorously examined to ensure they meet the expected high standards for which these institutions are recognized. 

These accreditations are considered the “gold standard” in the industry as they are the top-level schools in the US and have the toughest academic standards.

Choosing a school that offers courses that have been accredited by these prestigious organizations will translate into ensuring that there are no roadblocks in your child’s academic path, particularly for student-athletes who seek to compete at the collegiate level. 


National Lutheran School Accreditation Program (NLSA)

The NLSA serves as the accrediting body for the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod schools worldwide.

NLSA has been accrediting schools since 1978, and accreditation decisions have always been based upon a school’s compliance with national standards for Lutheran schools that reflect the essential qualities that are expected of said schools.

The purpose of an NLSA self-study is to evaluate the actual conditions in place that are related to essential indicators of school quality. These include reviewing the following areas:

  • Purpose of the school
  • Governance 
  • Student services
  • Facilities
  • Relationships
  • Professional personel 
  • Learning and teaching

3. Facilities

Students who attend classes at OLu’s campus can enjoy the perks of utilizing school facilities at their leisure. With access to campus facilities like two gymnasiums, performance theater, science labs, art galleries, and much more, students have the tools to explore academic interests to the fullest. 

In 2014, OLu  added 40,000 sq. ft. to the school’s footprint. Included in the upgrades were a 12,000 sq. ft. student union and cafe, a lower gym, a weight room, and a new training room and locker rooms.

OLu’s facilities were established to ensure students have a well-rounded and quality education experience theoretically and practically. These facilities also benefit students participating in extracurricular activities and our student-athletes as well, by providing them with the necessary support and resources to excel at their skills.


4. Technology

At OLu, we embrace technology as a way to enhance our overall academic experience, whether it’s the on-campus use of [tech] to our online learners utilizing Orange Lutheran Online (OLO) to complete their high school diploma.

Additionally, OLu requires all students purchase an iPad for academic use. Students use iPads to use engaging apps, manage schoolwork, access online textbooks, and much more. 

By incorporating technology into our coursework, our students are future-ready and equipped to handle our rapidly changing and fast-paced world.


5. Teaching staff

Our faculty and administration are fundamental to the success of our students and of our community. OLu’s warm and welcoming community consists of loving teachers who truly care about each and every student. They are dedicated to supporting and guiding families and students throughout their time in our Christ-centered environment.

OLu’s teaching staff maintain our Christ-centric approach as they support students academically and personally.

They are greatly experienced in their individual fields and play a key role in helping students pursue and cultivate their gifts and talents, and maintaining a campus where the current and future needs of each student are met.

What makes our teachers so special at OLu? Discover the characteristics of an OLu teacher.


6. College counseling

OLu is committed to providing every student with the support they need to choose a college or university that best fits them academically, socially, and spiritually. The Counseling & College Planning Department is available to all students and parents in several ways:

  • Empower students during the college decision-making process through one-on-one college planning appointments and find the college that is the best fit for them
  • Counsel students regarding relevant testing (SAT, ACT, etc.) procedures, dates, and practice test opportunities
  • Offer unique comprehensive college planning seminars for each grade level as well as seminars on topics such as college athletics, college financial aid, and transitioning to college
  • Assist with college and career exploration using Naviance Student
  • Guidance tailored for future collegiate athletes with our NCAA Advisor
  • Answer student and parent questions and concerns related to academic advising and college planning

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7. 50 years on-campus and 20 years online

In 1973, Lutheran High School of Orange County opened its doors to students. Under founding principal Herbert Stuenkel, the campus was just nine academic classrooms, a library, a couple of laboratories, and a few ancillary facilities. 

Since then, OLu has also been a leader in Christian education, as well as a leader in the realm of online learning. Since 2004, we have delivered exceptional High School learning and genuine OLu experience to students on campus and worldwide through OLO. 

At OLu, we welcome and provide students from a variety of religions and backgrounds with a diverse educational experience. OLu believes, teaches, and confesses the unchanging truth of Holy Scripture as described in the Lutheran Confessions and the belief and practice of the LCMS. 

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