3 Ways Your Online/Blended Learner Can Develop a Healthy Social Life in High School

One of the biggest concerns we hear from families interested in their children completing their High School education either full-time or in-part online concerns the effect of the online learning environment and their social development.

Parents’ fear that children will lack appropriate social skills due to decreased peer interaction in a classroom setting is largely unfounded. Thanks to extra efforts on the part of your child’s school as well as technology that helps us stay connected, it’s never been easier for online students to keep up with their peers in terms of their social and emotional development. 

At OLu, we provide our online and Blended learning students with numerous opportunities for peer interaction. Students in the Blended learning program partake in 1-4 classes on-campus, making it simple for them to attend events or join clubs. Though many of our online students can be found across the country or even around the world, we still seek out opportunities to involve them in the Lancer community. 

Here are three ways your child can develop a healthy social life in high school, even if they are in the Blended Learning or Online programs.


 1. Mission Trips and Service Opportunities

Mission trips and other service opportunities are an excellent way for Christ-loving students to connect with others like them, all while sharing God’s love with those around us. Missions mobilizes Christians to volunteer to help others and spread God’s message and uplift those around us. 

At OLu, Biblical truth is at the heart of everything we do. We believe it is important to provide students with the opportunity to share and experience Christ’s love via construction projects, disaster relief, elderly care, tutoring, children’s clinics, and much more. 


Students in the Orange County area are welcome to participate in local mission projects through the OLu Missions Local Engagement program. Out of town and online students are encouraged to take advantage of OLu’s Mission Trips, a truly life-changing experience where students can share God’s love domestically and abroad. Since its inception in 2000, the OLu Missions program has served over 400,000 hours in more than twenty countries and six states.

At OLu, we believe in providing a Christ-centered education for all students, regardless of their ability to attend in-person classes at our beautiful campus in Orange, California. 


 2. Athletics and Sporting Events

Athletics are an excellent way for students in the Blended learning or online program to socialize with their peers. 

OLu Athletics seeks to pursue victory while bringing honor and glory to God, and embracing your Lancer Spirit not only helps students connect with their community but with His glory too. 

If your child is more interested in cheering their classmates on from the stands, there are 15+ sporting events to choose from to take part in.


Many student-athletes come to OLu looking for a way to continue pursuing their athletic careers while balancing a high school education that will get them into their university of choice. Learn more about how OLu’s online and Blended learning options prepare students for a Division 1 school here

Students taking part in OLu’s Blended learning program don’t miss out on a vibrant OLu experience and are welcome to participate in one sports team. 


 3. Clubs and ActivitiesTheatre500x750

Clubs and activities provide students with abundant opportunities to meet like-minded students and make connections in their school community. 

For students in OLu’s Blended learning program, where students take both online and on-campus classes, clubs and other organizations and activities are an easy way to engage with our community.

Are you curious about your child completing their High School education in an online environment? Learn how you can help your child have a successful Blended Learning experience here

OLu offers several engaging opportunities for students, even those studying off-campus. Students can take part in Club Rush, hosted at the beginning of each semester, which acts as a way to introduce students to the multitude of opportunities available to them. There’s also the Associated Student Body (ASB), composed of both elected and appointed students who serve the student body, community, faculty, and God. 

Other activities like worship nights, dances, pep rallies, and more are open to all. Students can also take part in special student-engagement programs like Ignite, Engage, Diffusion, and more. 

Does your child not see a club that interests them? Students are also encouraged to apply to create a brand new club that suits their interests.


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