3 Ways to Encourage Healthy Study Habits

OLu Study Habits

As a parent, you can’t do your child’s studying for them, but you can help create a plan to help make studying more manageable, less time-consuming and hopefully become routine.

With finals right around the corner here at OLu, we have compiled a list of five ways for you to help encourage healthy study habits in your child.

1: Create a routine

Help your child create a routine where studying precedes social or leisure time. If your teen understands that they can’t access social media until their daily studying is finished, they have incentive to get it done, but more importantly, becomes used to a routine where studying comes first.

2: Remove Distractions (as best as possible!)

It is helpful to remove distractions that could disrupt study time. It’s hard to concentrate when texts, television shows and even siblings keep interrupting your teen’s study time. It may be a good idea to remove your teen’s phone during study time.

3: Create A Designated Study Space

Set up a place in your home where your teen has everything she needs to study. Giving her access to a quiet spot with a home computer, pens, notebooks and textbooks results in less time gathering up necessary supplies and more time studying.

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